Meet the Team

Andrew Grenfell Scuba Diving !Andrew Grenfell is Project Manager and Team leader for the Linguacast project. He is responsible for the management of Open learning Resources for the School of Modern Languages, the Language Resource Centre, and he is the Newcastle University Strand Leader for Routes into Languages.

Tom Snell Tom Snell : until February 2015, Tom was the project co-ordinator for multimedia materials development on the Linguacast site. He is interested in cultural studies, modern languages and education. Tom is particularly interested in the support of independent and autonomous language learning methods, as well as approaches to blended learning.

Dave Lowe David Lowe: principle web developer, technical officer and an editor of the Linguacast site. He is currently working for Newcastle University's central IT Service, as an Application Systems Analyst within the Application Support Group. Prior to this within the HaSS Faulty IT Team, David also provided effective, comprehensive IT support for the Language Resource Centre, and the School of Modern Languages.

David Wilson - Creator of the Angry Family

David Wilson was Assistant Strand Leader for Routes Into Languages until December 2010, and his role included project co-ordinator and materials development for the Linguacast website.

He will best be remembered as the creative genius behind the "Angry Family".

Rogues Gallery ... meet our Resource Creators!

These guys are on our "most wanted" list for developing many of the materials (past and present) for the Linguacast site. Great job, folks. What a talented team!