Welcome to our Spanish Language Learning Resources.

All these language learning materials are free for all to use, with no logins. It has taken two years, thousands of hours' work, and a lot of money so please give them a try with your pupils and pass our details on to your colleagues. The Spanish Language Learning Materials are divided into the following sections:

These are accessible using the menu to the left of this text or via the drop down tabs at the top of the page.

Videos featuring the Angry Family can all be accessed via the Angry Family tab where you find them arranged according to category.

The Revision Materials tab contains a range of revision aids to help pupils preparing for exams or language learners seeking to memorise lexical items or test themselves.

All other resources have been categorised based on their content according to whether they provide learners with grammar points, key phrases in the target language or vocabulary.

All materials were made by the Linguacast project at Newcastle University and recorded using native speakers. The content is often a little whacky (check out the Angry Family Series of videos) so as to capture pupils' interest during lessons but conforms strictly with the AQA and Edexcel syllabi for KS-4 and above.