Revision Materials - Introduction


Each language drop down menu now includes a revision section containing Revision Packs full of materials to help you revise your target languages. These are an ideal aid for students revising for GCSE exams but can also be used by all language learners to help learn and practice a target language.

As with all the other resources on the Linguacast website, these revision materials are available free of charge.

Some of the content you will find in the revision sections of your chosen language is outlined below:

Tongue Twisters

An ideal way to practice and improve your pronunciation in preparation for Speaking Exams.

Memory Aids

Advice and Tips on how to improve your ability to memorise lexical items in your target language, written by students who've recently been through language examinations themselves.


Printable ready-made flashcards... they may just be a rectangular piece of card or paper but they can work wonders for your revision. This revision tool is ideal when you need to remember vocabulary or specific grammar points.

Simply print out the flashcard pdf document and cut around the edges of each individual flashcard. Flash cards can be put to a variety of uses from card games and testing aids to signposts and quick reminders.

Four ways to use your flashcards for revision:

... The Linguacast team wish you all the best of luck with your exams!