Presenting: Great Bake-Off Days 2013

Participating schools visiting in May

The University of Sunderland and Newcastle University strands of Routes into Languages held a celebration event for their Great Languages Bake Off Competition on Friday the 10th of May 2013. Over 150 school children came from across the North East region for the competition final at the University of Sunderland’s City Campus where they presented their video entries and partook in a range of food related language learning activities with Routes into Languages Student Ambassadors.

To enter the competition each school was tasked with producing a short cookery video featuring their students successfully preparing a culinary masterpiece and narrating the process with a detailed explanation of the recipe in a target language other than English. The participating school each prepared a dish from another country. They were tasked with:
• Creating and submitting an ingredients list and instructions on how to make it in the TL.
• Filming and submitting a video of their food preparation and narrate the process in the TL.
• Including a commentary on the key language points that are worked on.

The link between baking and promoting language education may not be immediately obvious but it quickly became clear that this popular activity was a good way to motivate local school students to produce something in another language and offered a chance for them to apply the language skills they’ve learnt in school to a practical task. While the competition clearly enthused its participants, the set task nevertheless subtly elicited a tough challenge that required the school students to apply a wide range of cross-curricular skills that spanned from speaking in another language to filming techniques and from cooking skills to ICT based video production.